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    Stephens distributed Picture Craft kits
    to cabinet secretaries and Oval Office visitors. More than a few assumed that the president himself expected that they  [url=] paint by number  [/url]  them, and the puckish Stephens did little to dispel that impression. He eventually installed the completed  [url=] paint by number  [/url] paintings in a West Wing corridor. The Stephens Collection also included works by the administration's amateur painters, who chose to bypass the preplanned canvas route.
    By 1954  [url=] paint by number  [/url]  had become a certifiable phenomenon. One art critic ruefully noted that more " [url=] paint by number  [/url]  pictures" hung in American homes than original works of art.  [url=] paint by number  [/url]  was a bridge between old-fashioned domestic pastimes and new consumer items that promised convenience and ease. It offered amusement, a sense of accomplishment, and decoration with a handmade look. In these  [url=] paint by number  [/url] kits, many people discovered for the first time the liberating pleasures of creativity. Though the [url=] paint by number  [/url]  hobby's critics suggested that  [url=] paint by number  [/url]  had done more to dim the public's perception of art than any other commercial product, the hobby's friends claimed that it raised perceptions where few existed.

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