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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012
    Was due to the situation of inadequate lighting style, day Cuisine Oil Paintings has been very black. In this time of painting, very challenging, the women specialist to deal with Ci Xi Empress Ling De(Imperial First women officer) to figure out tips on how to carefully Oil Paintings say to the Empress, at that time Carl can not sketch. After much description, the Empress was given the jump year to start ten o-clock on May 20 sketch.Ignorance of the Empress of oil painting in the People Oil Paintingsbefore, willing to put ahead a number of questions: Why should sit painting? Can others sit on part of me? Whether to use the same apparel every day, dressed in the same bracelets and Children Oil Paintings so on. In the day to the illustrating of Empress, she told others well wearing herself, put on the gowns padded with green peony, With a Durability included light pill scarf, dressed in a jade massage beds seeing stars and flowers.Trying to Flower Oil Paintings demonstrate off, be popular to the world.This oil painting art generously donated to U.S. govt, now in ownership of the Nationwide Art gallery in California.