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    Each of the items except for OSRS gold?some untradeables and 3 are dropped into the ground. Initially they remained on the ground just visible to you for just a couple of minutes until others could loot them but because of folks ddossing the servers to have people to die with pricey items they changed it so you have 1 hour to pick them up and after that they just vanish. So he simply needed to get back in under an hour and he'll get them back.

    I have not played in a good while but I believe they're altering the passing mechanisms. Don't understand how it's likely to be.

    Imagining about OSRS that is playing is always more fun than playing with it

    That's kinda all games are for me atm. Get house after work excited to perform something and turn it off after a few minutes. Unless I am playing with a buddy nothing is really enjoyable. Idk what occurred. Honestly I think this is it for me. I put aside some game time, but there's so much to figure out in a game that was fantastic, I end up procrastinating till I don't have time to play 40, by playing shitty mobile games.

    Literally was attempting to play with?

    runescape gold site witcher 3 previously and I'm brand new to Buy Runescape gold so obviously I was like"wtf is going theres a thousand items and a thousand things to do and I cant figure out the perfect way to map my keybpard/mouse" so that I turn to appearing online fantastic keyboard bindings, I learn there's special armour sets it is possible to upgrade later"so dont promote them!" And I'm trying to keep tabs on this, and I say fuck it, and play with clash royale for 30min. I'm procrastinating on my amusement.