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    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2020
    There are very few fishing destinations that could be compared to an Alaskan fishing location. It is not easy to hook the Salmon and you will need a few tricks up your sleeve irrespective of your being a seasoned angler or a beginner. With the right knowledge and experienced guidance you will be able to make a big success out of your Fishing trip to Alaska. If you are planning to hire the services of a fishing guide on your fishing expedition, you will do well to chalk out a strategy of your own and depend on the guide to just point you in the proper direction. Then you can go about angling to get yourself a King Salmon trophy for your wall!

    It is imperative that you have a good deal of knowledge about the game you are going after. An insight into its habits and behavior as well as its habitat will give you an upper hand; else you will find that the game is playing games with you. The King Salmon is no different; it is elusive, has certain eating habits and will put up a big fight if or when it is hooked. So study the Salmon before setting out, you will be better equipped to lure, hook and land your game best baitcasting reels under 100.

    Try keeping in mind the following fishing tips when you set out on your King Salmon hunt:

    1. Alaska has almost 24 hours of daylight during the King Salmon fishing season. So, try to keep fixed hours corresponding to times of day at the normal fishing locations any where else in the Salmon world. Your fishing timing should be set to correspond with the dawn and dusk timing irrespective of the position of the sun.

    2. Select you lure wisely. Fishing in the deep waters of the ocean has been found to be very effective with pieces of cut herring or artificial herring lures. Once you have set your bait and tackle you should move in the opposite direction of the fish (move towards the fish) at a very slow speed. Solicit the help of a guide to locate the fish if you are not familiar with the fish movements.

    3. Make your trolling line longer in high tide and also increase the trolling speed as well. Then set the down riggers at different depths to determine where the Salmon are feeding.

    4. Depending on the condition of the water you are going to be fishing in, you must decide on the lure. Some of the best lures are clusters of fish roe, shinny steel spoons, Wiggle warts, pieces of fish and shrimp, tadpoles.

    5. Experiment with fishing from a small boat, moving slowly across the mouth of a river or shallow fresh water bodies.

    6. The behavior of the lure is important while fishing for King Salmon. You should use heavier weights that will make the lure bounce off the bottom. This annoys the King Salmon, and being an aggressive predator fish it will attack the lure and you will then have a fight on your hands if you manage to hook the King.
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