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    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2019
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    It's called being professional and taking the high road. However, I
    am sure that the nastiness took its toll.No surprise that no one seems
    to have stepped up to take this job on. There have been times when I've
    thought about submitting a guest blog or opinion, but the name calling
    and cheap shots made by some has reminded me that it's probably not
    worth it.

    Now it all coming to an end. As I sit here, the most confident I ever
    been, surrounded by more friends than I can count, a great weight
    lifted off all of our collective shoulders because the nightmare that is
    FYDP symposium is over, most of what I think about is how unexpected my
    university journey has been. I never predicted I would be EIC once,
    much less twice. I never expected I would get heavily involved in
    volunteering and student government. I certainly never thought that I
    would be the one at a party looking for wallflowers to coax out of their
    comfort zone, or starting conversations with strangers at a gathering.

    Destiny 2's wonderful feedback loop of first person shooter
    satisfaction is its key draw. It's the thing that'll grab you initially
    and it's the thing that'll keep you returning. The gunplay remains some
    of the best in the business, and with every new rare weapon you unlock
    there's an immense journey of discovery as you shoot it for the first
    time, experiment with its special abilities, and plaster it with your
    customisable skins to tailor it to the perfect "look" for your superhero
    esque avatar. This was always a strong point of the original game, and
    the weapon and armour teams haven't missed a step in creating a ton of
    gear that you truly want to have in your arsenal.

    This does end up being a good thing for players since we now know the
    probabilities of getting something worthwhile out of our loot boxes or
    card packs. However, this could end up costing some of the smaller
    companies money. Overwatch did just become a billion dollar franchise
    and it probably has to thank loot boxes for a huge chunk of that.
    Blizzard will probably be okay in the long run but smaller studios that
    are relying on loot box sales to stay afloat will likely run into some
    problems if this becomes a trend elsewhere. Take League of Legends for
    example, most of their money comes from skins and random loot purchases,
    if you knew the exact percentages of the drops, would you continue
    buying them?

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