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    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2019
    Everyone has a desire to have a baby that make their home happier but a large number of couples worldwide are unable to conceive due to plenty of reasons. For this, a number of solutions have been discovered by the best IVF doctors in India and around the world.

    IVF is one such treatment in which if couples are unable to conceive naturally, egg and sperm are fertilised outside the body. The doctors fertilize more than one embryo and monitor the fertilized egg for few days. After monitoring, an embryo that is genetically healthiest of all other is implanted in the uterus of women for a successful pregnancy. The success rates depend on the number of previous cycles, causes of infertility, and age of the woman. If the eggs or sperm cannot be retrieved from the couple or the quality is not up to mark, eggs or sperm of someone else are used by a fertility specialist, keeping all information confidential.