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    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2019
    The breeze gently smashed through, a time-honored school, tenaciously standing
    on the loess of the country's rustic loess, it is very majestic, majestic
    showing a little old, but not lacking a sense of sacredness. Walking into this
    sacred hall standing on the high slope of the loess, many feelings poured into
    my heart. Here, there is a burst of scent of books, and from time to time there
    is a reading sound. Here, there are a lot of flowers, and there is a lot of joy
    in my heart. Walking into this fertile land, the seeds of the mind begin to
    sprout, and now they have grown into towering trees. With a curiosity and a
    dream of a boyhood, I eagerly hope to take off in this land and fly to the
    world. It is the Seventh China that has helped us realize our dreams and let us
    fly our hopes. In the seventh, you have not experienced many ups and downs since
    the establishment of the present, you are still so magnificent and tall, I
    believe, for thousands of years, you still do, an irresistible force behind you.
    Here is our free paradise. In this hot land, we play and enjoy growing happily.
    This is also the home we all have, and the teacher is our second parent. They
    spread knowledge for us, teach us how to behave, let us know what love is? What
    is gratitude? They work hard day and night, what can we return? No, they don't
    ask for a return, they just ask for it. A figure was shaking on the window, oh,
    he was preparing for the lesson, and he was correcting the work. The figure
    slowly came down and bent down until you were lonely, lonely, sad, but day after
    day, year One year, you will always pay for people. You have cultivated a group
    of national pillars and contributed everything to the development of the
    motherland. But do you ask for a return? I thank you because you gave me
    knowledge and strength; I Thank you, because you let me make my childhood
    dreams; I thank you, because with you, the world will be so beautiful. Grateful
    - Seventh, thank you for teaching me to my alma mater. The bloom of a flower
    also indicates the zeroing of a flower. Fighting for the flowers, you are trying
    to bathe in how much sunshine, how much water you have been trying to absorb,
    and how many days and nights have you waited for a pot of jasmine on today's
    fragrant balcony. The sapphire flower is on the top Newport Cigarettes, there is no
    white feeling, as if it is wrapped inside, not a fresh flower petals Marlboro
    , but a shy girl Marlboro
    . I learn the way my grandfather looks every day, watering her, except
    weeding, because I don't want this weak life to die so quickly. Later, Jasmine
    finally "squeezed" and couldn't stop, quietly and timidly revealing a little
    head, and the fish in the scorpion was white, so delightful! However, I have
    already lost patience. I don't want her softness to come so late, because she is
    looking forward to her, like the youthful and fast-paced youth, boring and long!
    I am no longer waiting, I can't wait to see her moment of bloom. So, silly, I
    quietly and nervously opened her flower buds, forced her to stretch out her
    tender body, but also excitedly waiting for her opening. Flower, defeated... I
    clearly saw that the flower that I was "abused" lost my face and looked at it.
    The white petal petals of the past were revealing the dark and inanimate yellow,
    and the ovary that was once full of green has been I don't think so. Sadness,
    loss, like medicine, always flow to my heart. I just want to see her bloom
    early, why is the fate so against her? My mother comforted me and said:
    "Children, everything is the strongest in the world, but also their own
    opponent. No matter how painful it is to grow, it must go through the process of
    tempering. If it does not pass, it will fail, and it will be defeated. In the
    case of such oppression, the jasmine destroys the tempering path that must pass,
    how can it bloom?" I seem to realize Wuwu, as if my mother said a few words, it
    is mine. The direction means that the air is beside the withered flower. I seem
    to see that there is a faint scent of white, and I am writing my own youthful
    movement. It was a real jasmine flower, she really opened her proud arms and
    bloomed her own regretless youth.
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