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    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2019
    The wind is cold, taking away the autumn leaves, it is your feelings. The cold
    wind slammed hard on the banyan tree. I was alone and sad. I was beside the
    banyan tree, thinking about me and your bits and pieces. You always ask this
    question, I am tired of you; you have a good table at a table, but I said it is
    difficult to swallow; in short, whatever you do for me, I am bored with you Parliament Cigarettes, even hate all of
    you. . That thing, I will never forget the day, I am going home from school. Not
    far from home, I heard a painful sorrow, this voice always sounded in my ears,
    my brain slammed. I quickly ran home, when I was panting and ran home. The sight
    in front of me shocked me: the family was sitting around a large group of people
    Newport Cigarettes, but you were
    lying in the raft. Mom said: "Grandma has gone, you should not just cry, go to
    burn some paper money to Grandma." The tears did not know when I had already
    covered my cheeks Newport Cigarettes
    , I was burning paper money, crying and crying. I just want to ask
    you: "Grandma, are you doing well? Are you cold? Do you miss me?" However, even
    if I shouted my throat, I would not hear the voice of your response again. You
    are living. Two days later, you are buried in the mud. Forever, you will sleep
    forever in the cold soil. I will not see you in my lifetime. In the evening I
    squatted beside the banyan tree, and the eucalyptus was wearing a thick cotton
    coat. Grandma, are you warmly dressed there? The twigs rustle like a sadness, my
    heart is like a knife, crying at you, but no one answers. At night, I dreamed of
    you. You told me that you have a good time in heaven, and told me not to worry,
    you will always be with me by my side. We smiled at each other. After a while,
    you said that you are leaving, I am pulling you to let you go. Finally, you
    still walked me for a moment to understand: even if you are gone, your love and
    love for me will never be erased. It is a feeling from the heart, a feeling that
    I will never take away in my life.
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