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    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2019
    Flowers bloom, spring comes to autumn, and it is another fall. Autumn is coming,
    and winter is coming soon. In the winter, it reminds me of that warm day. Last
    year was a very happy year. Xiaoyan, who was working in his hometown, put down
    his work and returned to his hometown to accompany his grandmother, and I came
    back with my future little coward Marlboro Cigarettes. I just finished
    the test, I was very excited to hear the news, and I was forced to fly my wings
    and fly home. Because there are not only the little sisters who love me, the
    little coward who makes me curious, but also the elderly grandparents who care
    about me. After I put down my schoolbag, I began to pack up my old home for
    winter vacation, bring some clothes with snacks, a little gift for my little
    friends, and a little fruit that my grandmother likes. Looking at this bulging
    bag, and remembering the relatives in the distance, I was excited. Finally,
    embarked on the road of return. Looking at the window, the trees on both sides
    madly receded, and the north wind screaming at the window, the speed was very
    fast, but in my heart the car was as slow as a snail. Because I hope that I can
    go back to my grandparents soon! When I got out of the car and saw this familiar
    land, my heart seemed to have a warm current. Although the chilly north wind
    blew my cheeks and tore my coat, I felt so warm. At this time, I took a closer
    look, and my grandmother was standing at the gate waiting for me. When my
    grandmother saw that the person was me, my face was filled with a happy smile.
    Grandma greeted her and held my hand with her warm hand, but what I felt was not
    just the warmth, but the crack in my grandmother's hand. I quickly told my
    grandmother: "Grandma, how did your hand crack open? Why didn't you wear
    gloves?" Grandma pulled me to the room and said, "Nothing, cold in the car, go,
    go roast." Bake fire." As soon as I sat down, my grandmother got busy again,
    gave me what I ate, and took it. I quickly said: "Grandma, I don't want to eat
    now, you also come to roast the fire." Grandma just took it. In this way,
    Grandma sat down, chatted with me and asked about my situation at school. "???"
    , the door opened, and two small heads were discovered. They were my two
    good friends. They came in at home and they came in. No more than a while, I am
    going out with them. I was coming home when I was about to eat. Looking at
    Grandma??s busy figure, I quickly took the things in her hand. Let Grandma sit
    and prepare to eat, but Grandma touched my head and said, "Today you are tired
    of sitting in the car, sitting and eating your meal." Then he was busy again. At
    the dinner table, I looked at the dishes on the table and it was broken. This is
    all I like to eat, grandparents smiled and gave me a dish, looking at the
    expression of the satisfaction of my grandparents, I can not help but feel so
    sad, regret that I did not spend more time with them. I don't know if the heat
    of the food has fascinated my eyes, or suppressed for too long, a drop of
    crystal tears slipped from my eyes. Outside the north wind whistling and
    chilling, but the room is a warmth, warm and incomparable. Now, I can only
    secretly recall those beautiful, because of an accident, I have lost my
    grandmother forever, I can only think of the warmth of the past. I often dreamed
    that Grandma stood at the gate and waved at me. She seemed to be so close and
    far away from me. And that period of time has become the most beautiful memories
    in my heart, the warmest memories, just like the eternal scenery of the earth is
    deeply branded in my heart Cigarettes
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