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    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2019
    immediately walked into the elevator, and quickly pressed the close button. When the elevator door closed, the mother's expression was very complicated, and it was sad to say that it was angry, then the elevator The door is closed, and there is a little empty in my heart. Is this attitude to my mother really polite? "Hey bell! After school, the students rushed out of the school gate and rushed to their parents. A cold wind blew, and I rolled my neck to the collar. My family was close to the school, and usually my mother would not pick me up. I can only speed up my pace and go home quickly. Otherwise, I don??t have a cold. I think that when my mother said something in the morning, I can??t help but regret it. I??m a little embarrassed, but I think that my mother will have more reason to marry me, and another upset. "Oh - so cold!" "I was mad <a href="">Newport Cigarettes</a>, and I hurried to the direction of my home <a href="">Parliament Cigarettes</a>. At this moment, I suddenly saw a familiar figure standing in the cold wind. "Ah, Mom! "I couldn't help but screamed out. My mother saw me, walked to me in three steps and two steps, and habitually picked it up: "Look, what I said, it really cooled down today!" Come, put my coat on..." I put on a thick coat, wow, it??s not cold right now, a warm stream flows into my heart, making me feel warm in the cold, I I followed my mother all the way and slowly walked home. I realized for the first time that my mother??s embarrassment was full of love. From that day on, I seem to be sensible <a href="">Newport 100S</a>, grow up, and never complain about my mother??s embarrassment. I??m crying, because I understand, this is the symbol that my mother loves me. My mother??s jealousy is a warm reminder on my way to growth. Let me know what things I should try to bear and what should I avoid mistakes. From that day on, I began to grow up, do what I should do, not let my mother worry, but also try to share some housework for my mother. I can sincerely accept my mother??s jealousy and correct my behavior in time. Gradually, I don??t know. Unconsciously, I became a good student in the eyes of everyone. Understanding and understanding, tolerance and support. I am very proud of having such a mother who grew up with me on the road of growth. My mother??s jealousy is the most beautiful in the world. Voice, the most dear Deepest companionship.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">NewportCigarettesCoupons</a>
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