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    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2019
    I miss you! I really miss you, my grandmother is quiet and quiet, spring is coming, the leaves are no longer yellow, and the flowers will wake up. I passed my face and took away the tears that slipped across my cheeks. The old man was a woman who had been haunting my dreams. She has a pair of deep eyes, a charming smile... She is, my grandmother. She has already died, and her grandfather has married another person. Although I am so reluctant to call her grandmother, I have to accept the facts. I can't forget my grandparents! Think back, think back, "Come, come, come to the grandmother!" I lazily moved my body and climbed to the grandmother. Grandma picked me up: "Granddaughter, grandmother teaches you to sing!" Grandma put me on her lap, both hands next to me, sings with a smile: "It??s dark, it??s going to rain... "Singing and shaking my feet, I was teased and giggled, and I slammed my hands. "It??s dark, it??s going to rain!?? Grandma??s face is full of pets. ??It??s dark, it??s going to rain.?? The nose was sour The corners of the eyes are moist. "Why, why is the grandmother leaving me? You haven't taught me to sing this song yet. I haven't seen your granddaughter performing for you for 4 and a half years. I don't know that my grandmother's departure is forever, and occasionally I think of my grandmother, but I was replaced by the thoughts of the toy. At 7 years old, I missed my grandmother very much, but I was attracted by the new "grandma" and forgot you for a while. At the age of 9, the teacher taught us to sing the nursery rhymes. "It??s dark, it??s going to rain... ..." I don't know what, I cried. Grandma appeared in my mind again, "Grandma, Grandma! "Since then, I often dreamed of grandmother, she gave me sugar to eat, bought me toys, took me out to play. I miss, more and more thick. I still vaguely remember, Grandma said: "You [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], really naughty, I know that if you get your mother angry, you won??t study hard, you won??t do anything, and when you grow up [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], see what you do! "Although my grandmother is jealous of me, my voice is so gentle. Now, I have grown up, I have more knowledge, more friends, I will do housework, and I will help my mother. Mom and my teacher praise me for being sensible, Grandma." Do you know [url=]Newport 100S[/url]. I think, if you know, you will smile as beautiful as flowers. I grow up, but I can't forget you, I love you, grandmother. I miss you all the time! Grandma, if you have an afterlife, you still Be my grandmother, let me see you laugh, listen to your story, let you teach me to sing grandma, how much I miss you!
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