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    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2019
    We are all walking under the flowers, imagining that we are also a blooming rose, greedily sucking the sunlight of life. - Inscription on the small auditorium, reflecting the beige light, I sat in the seat, it is rare to have a chat with the friends around me, the speech that originally made us feel boring has changed in this day. Rubbing the lines on the armrests, from the fingertips to the heart. This is the last trace left by my childhood. People are always like this. Only when they are lost will they know how to cherish... touch. Suddenly, I came up with a very literary saying: "Don't be sad, we are all good people, we are gathered together to add flowers to each other's childhood. Now we are all scattered by the spring breeze, we have to go to a better place to find ourselves. The dream was that I cried like a fool, the green leaves of my childhood fell, and then I came out to the middle school, and I became a part of a group of students. The life of the elementary school was gradually replaced by the laughter of the coming days. Sleeping completely in a faint memory, it??s not just childhood, but also a little girl??s delight in the dress. It??s half a year old, and the primary school and the middle school are drawn off the line. It seems that everything is understood, no Then, as before, I will slap the hands of my loved ones, and I will not dare to talk about anything in the world, and I will not carry the skirts in the sunshine. This is youth? With some rebelliousness, bring some Curious, I am groping my own path in this white world. If I say that youth is beautiful, then I would like her to be a clear lotus in the mud, in the middle of it. Trolling, flowering. I believe that the best things are formed with defects <a href="">Marlboro Red</a>. Just like my youth, when I enjoy the lazy sunshine of laughter, I have to think about how to return home and how to complete my melancholy transcript. We are still just a group of ignorant teenagers <a href=""></a>, with some green thoughts. I thought I knew everything, but in the end I touched the gray of my nose, still reluctantly like a newborn calf. It??s a great time to have a cup of tea at the table, and it??s like the best time of the day. Walking under the flowers, sipping a sip of fragrance. Walking under the flowers, after falling into the rain Hongguang, walking under the flowers, dreaming of a smile like a flower... The words of the dying party in childhood have confirmed that they are all a group of people who have their own most beautiful flowers in the spring <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>. They bite the pen and will white in front of them. The paper turned over and over, hoping to add sleek colors to my beautiful dreams. The ear still echoed the ethereal songs, gently stroking the thin red scarf, smoothing the traces of the years, childhood With this song Drifting out the window on the distant nothingness, an oasis of youth, still diffuse wild flowers<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">Cigarettes Online</a>
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    The lifestyles of the fundamental college was once regularly replaced by means of the laughter of the coming days. Sleeping totally in a faint memory, it??s no longer just childhood, however additionally a little girl??s delight in the dress. It??s half of a yr old, and the essential school and the center college are drawn off the line. It looks that everything is understood, no Then, as before about more, I will slap the hands of my loved ones, and I will not dare to discuss about whatever in the world, and I will not lift the skirts in the sunshine.