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    Take a deep breath...

    After pushing the boundary of the watch exploration through the blasting external space (HM2, HM3, HM6),MB&F Horological Machine N7 aquapod red sapphire 70.PBL.B, launching into the sky (HM4), and powering off the road and track (HM5, HMX, HM8), MB&F is put into the water and Horological Machine No. 7, also known as HM7 Aquapod.

    The organic jellyfish style design of the HM7 Aquapod complements the very mechanical timepieces inside: the top of the central flying tourbillon is a concentric vertical movement that indicates radiation from the center, such as the ripples in the pond.

    There is a radially symmetric neuron ring in the jellyfish's brain, and Aquapod has a radially symmetric ring showing hours and minutes. When the top of the jellyfish has a hood or bell, the HM7 Aquapod has a powerful flying tourbillon that regulates the power generated by the rotor and converts it into a time replica watches review

    Then there is the ceramic bezel. Although the Horological Machine No.7 is not a diving watch, it is a comfortable home water meter - so MB&F adds all the elements of a serious water watch: a one-way rotating bezel. However, unlike other diving watches on Earth, Aquapod's bezel is not attached to the case, but floats like a lifebuoy.

    The 303 component, the 72-hour power reserve HM7 engine was developed in-house by MB&F. The spherical three-dimensional, all its mechanisms - from the bottom of the winding rotor, through the main barrel and the hour and minute display to the top of the flying tourbillon - rotate around the center concentrically. The curve of the high dome sapphire crystal is mirrored in the shape of the time display ring. The time display ring is not a simple plane and angle, but a mathematically accurate curved spherical portion.HUBLOT MP-11 POWER RESERVE 14 DAYS SAPPHIRE 911.JX.0102.RW

    Like many jellyfish, HM7 glows in the dark. It emits what you expect - in hours and minutes - but also inside the movement, illuminating the flying tourbillon at night... In addition, it runs along the tentacle-wound rotor, also Can be enjoyed in the dark.

    MB&F HM7 Horological Machine N7 aquapod red sapphire 70.PBL.B Replica Watch

    Technical specifications
    HM7 Aquapod technical details

    Introduced 5-grade titanium with a blue bezel and 18k 5N + red gold case and black bezel - both with blue-illuminated details.


    3D vertical structure conceived and developed by MB&F, self-winding

    Central flight 60 second tourbillon

    Power reserve: 72 hours

    Balanced frequency: 2.5 Hz / 18,000 bph

    Three-dimensional wound rotor of titanium and platinum

    Number of components: 303

    Number of jewels: 35


    Two aluminum/titanium spherical discs rotating on super large central ceramic bearings show hour and minute unidirectional rotating bezels for elapsed time

    Numbers, marks and segments on the winding rotor in Super-LumiNova

    AGT Ultra (Ambient Glow Technology) 3 panels surround the flying tourbillon

    Two crowns: left, right side is time setting


    Spherical structure

    Material: 5 grade titanium or 18k 5N + red gold version

    Size: 53.8 mm x 21.3 mm

    Number of components: 95

    Water resistance: 50 m / 150 ft / 5 atmospheres

    Sapphire crystal

    The top and bottom sapphire crystal surfaces are treated with an anti-reflective coating.

    Strap and buckle

    Rubber strap with aircraft grade fluorocarbon FKM 70 Shore A elastomer, made from a folding buckle accessory case material.

    Bovet Dimier RECITAL 17 R170002