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    FIFA 19 Account
    EA Sports has announced the new gameplay features of the upcoming
    football simulation: FIFA 20. The next Opus should have literally
    changed compared to a decried FIFA 19.

    Almost irreproachable on
    the form FIFA 19 was somewhat disappointed by the background. In
    particular a show side put forward at the expense of the attack-defense
    balance. What about his younger brother? Expected at the turn we could
    get an idea at a recent Producer Tour held in Berlin. And FIFA 20 has
    partly answered this: sequences closer to reality a reworked AI and a
    system of free kicks more accessible.

    Here are the new features chosen to remake FIFA the dictator of the video game industry.

    balloon can be further controlled. The shooting system has completely
    changed and you will not miss your penalties / free-kicks.
    Dribbling will no longer be approved as on the previous FIFA like players you can surprise your opponents.
    The defense one of the black spots of FIFA has been redesigned.
    The finish decried rightly last season has been improved.

    anchor point for developers this year Sam Rivera presents an improved
    balloon physics as well as more fluid and real animations. From now on
    the ball bounces more making its trajectory less linear. On the one hand
    aficionados of dribbling will have more difficulty to chain them. On
    the other hand the passes and / or shots have a different animation
    depending on the timing and position of the player. If we feel the
    changes brought by this new physics (less bogus and counters favorable
    for the opponent) buy FIFA 19 Account the promised animations are not very present.

    If you want to buy FIFA 19 Account the best choice for you is to buy FIFA 19 Account from

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