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    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2019
    The afternoon sun is white Cheap
    . I was squatting, and the old man pushed open the door of my
    imaginary door on time. I reluctantly shut down the computer, launched a battery
    car, and stood on the sun-like sun, and went with him to complete the three-day
    sun detox campaign. Usually, the people who come to the bus are cold and clear.
    The rolling hot waves that rushed to the front were suffocating. The sweat
    crawled from the cheek to the neck like a caterpillar, itchy, but very
    comfortable. Occasionally, a puppy stretched a long fiery tongue and quickly
    crossed the road and hid in the green belt next to the road. It was so quiet as
    to hear the hoarse breathing of the puppy in the shade. When I arrived at
    Longshan Park, the dragon that was screaming and screaming in the air was also
    squatting on the rock in the sun, and I could use my copper scales to reflect a
    little silver light to prove my existence. We parked the car under the shade of
    the trees and climbed up the steep mountain road Marlboro Lights. The pine trees
    in the mountains are lush, and the sun can no longer penetrate the dense layers
    of pine needles, so they have to lie outside the pine forest. The mountain wind
    swept past the treetops, and the pine forest made a sneer. We sat on this cool
    stone step, letting the gentle breeze gently touch the hot cheeks and the wet
    spine Newport Cigarettes Coupons.
    Without the heat waves in front of you, sweating, how can you enjoy this
    refreshing coolness? Xiaoyan for a moment, we are facing the slight breeze,
    walking Xu Xing is really the day of June, the child's face. When I reached the
    top pavilion, I only heard the thunder and thunder in my ears, and the pines
    burst. With a glare of lightning, the rainstorm slammed down with a blast of
    thunder. A huge silver rain curtain was woven around the pavilion in an instant.
    Suddenly, the thunder is roaring; the wind is screaming; the rain is pouring;
    except for what you see and hear in front of you, it seems that the whole world
    is no longer there! At this point, you can truly appreciate the tremendous power
    of nature! Gradually, the pine forest slowly raised a faint milky white mist,
    which filled the huge rain curtain. The two natural phenomena of this softness
    have been so seamless. As the saying goes, soft energy Ke Gang, fruitful, this
    kind of silver whip ruthlessly slammed the rainstorm of the pine forest,
    gradually faded in the rising soft fog, turned into a rainy sky. The original
    dark brown trunk around it turned into a strange grayish white in the scorpion.
    And the shape is mysterious: it seems like a dragon flying in the sky, and it is
    like a giant scorpion exploring the sea. Due to the raging summer wind and the
    summer rain, the two of us huddled in the middle of the pavilion, we felt the
    chill of the rushing past the cool breeze with the rain. We were surprised to
    find that the pine forest had penetrated into the gap. The intermittent colored
    stripes Marlboro
    , inlaid on the milky white gauze, really like a colorful long skirt on
    the pine trees in front of them. Surprisingly stunned. At the top of the dragon
    at this time, everything is silent. On the top of the head, the sky is green and
    green, and the white mist is lingering; the bluestone grass at the foot is
    spotless; the distant mountain rock dragon shines. Such a strange and beautiful
    scenery, such a mysterious fairyland on earth Newport 100S, is not a good person
    and can afford this blessing.
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