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    "LV Tambour Bijou Pétale Watch     "

    Sometimes I am wondering what we wear
    watches for. Is it for decoration or for knowing the precise time anywhere? But
    I know that for certain people a watch, especially the luxury designer one, is another
    statement of their status and wealth, just like the name card. Here I do like
    to present this LV Tambour Bijou Pétale Watch to you, for both telling the
    exact time and embellishment.            


    With a steel bracelet, this LV Watch
    becomes a true piece of jewelry that can be worn everyone. For me there is
    always something on my wrist like [URL=]Tag
    Heuer Grand Carrera
    [/URL], [URL=]Apple
    [/URL] , either of a watch or a bracelet. They may not be very expensive,
    but behind each of them there is a story. Perhaps there will be a story between
    this lovely designer watch and you. Life is magic. This Swiss made watch enjoys
    a 5-year guarantee. Its steel case
    s diameter measures 18mm. Over the case is sapphire glass with an
    anti-reflective coating, under which is white mother of pearl dial, featuring
    quartz movement. The pink sapphire is something soft and private. The watch is
    waterproof to 30 meters, so that you do not have to worry about it in a rainy
    day, of course that you won
    t wear it for diving, for which you need a professional watch.

    This adorable designer watch is presented
    in a specific monogram canvas box.

    De Ville
    [/URL], [URL=]
    WAP1112.BA0831 [/URL], [URL=]
    CAN1011BA0821 [/URL] are great designer watches. They are very well known find
    out why everyone wants a great omega designer watch.


    For over 100 years, watchmaker Omega has
    been creating masterpieces in the area of luxury brand watches.