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    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2019
    On November 3rd, the Japanese Cultural Festival, which was originally the anniversary of the birth of Emperor Meiji, was changed to the Cultural Festival in 1948 after World War II. It is a public holiday. However, many industries related to cultural education also use this day to hold large-scale events. The eldest son??s school used this day as a school festival. The name: the olive offering went away in the spring, the summer went, and the autumn was a flash in the pan, and the cold and desolate stayed around. Ming knows that this season, curling up in the bed feels warmer, but the weather is very good in the morning <a href="">Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons</a>, or get up early in the morning, morning walk is still my constant rest day "breakfast". Due to the trip to Jiangnan last week, 1.5 kilograms of hairy crabs, braised pork, pig's trotters, and seafood residues... Tas are reluctant to fall in the belly, which is really annoying, and it is necessary to carry out arduous meat cutting operations. To tell the truth, Ta is really not my favorite in the morning, I also want to be lazy in bed until noon. Hey! Life is like this, can't be self-willed and casual <a href="">Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa</a>. Although it is a holiday, today the company has a "Coaching & Developing People" global executive-level video course. After the morning walk, I came to the company, the office of Noda's office, the phone sound, the meeting sound, the symphony of the keyboard. Today, I am alone, seemingly silent, still seems a bit bleak and lonely drifting for a long time, this moment only to experience the pleasure of silence, I think that is a kind of reconciliation of the soul. The course ends at the scheduled time, the younger son also comes When the phone urged, he hurriedly boarded the express train and went to the eldest son school to infect the olive offering <a href="">Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes</a>. Also let the sons think of the existence of the father to the scene of the school festival, it is already 1 o'clock in the afternoon, all activities are coming to an end. Spectacular band performances, Shaolin boxing genius, cultural performances, quiet tea ceremony, manga promenade... organized by the students themselves, the school festivals they operate, according to the class, according to the club, the "Caibai Club" composed of protectors I also use this opportunity to sell some property, raise funds to prepare commemorative gifts for graduates, and is a platform for mothers to exchange. The theme of this year is: "If you regret it, you will burn Ta to the most youthful burning, burning is youth. Today, when I saw my son <a href="">Newport Short Cigareetes</a>, I remembered that I used to be a deputy secretary of the school league committee (the secretary is a teacher) in high school. She and the schoolmates led the schoolmates to scream in the confusion and burned in the madness <a href="">Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa</a>. After a long time, I learned that it is actually the cold wind of youth is like whispering softly, but the blood of youth is worshipping with the wind, the song of youth is coming vaguely. Today, I became a person in temperament. Said: "Time is too thin, the finger seam is too wide, inadvertently a glimpse, has been separated by years. "It??s really like a year of water, the only feeling left behind. My son??s today still repeats the day of his father??s generation. For me, it??s just that time is no longer busy and busy, and sometimes I think about life in a certain month. The moment of a certain day will come to an abrupt end. Do you want to draw a full stop to yourself today? In fact, no one knows how much sweetness and bitterness in your story.