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    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2019
    were very good. They looked very firm and young. They were full of temptation in the soft light. They sweated and insisted on a obsession. Whether it is the flesh or the heart, it seems to be very beautiful. When I woke up in the morning and was washing, the aunt also got up. She rode her electric car to the river and finished washing, only six o'clock. So, I climbed upstairs and found San Mao??s "How much is the dream in the dream" from the shelf <a href="">Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes</a>, sitting next to the book. Still in the dream of peace, should be doing a sweet little aunt running back, make breakfast, four people around the table to eat simple breakfast, talk about interesting things in the morning, go to the barber shop with hair, wash your hair, do hairstyle When I came back, Auntie had already prepared for lunch. Auntie was a relatively cool Jiangxi person. Even more than a lot of northern aunts, they had to live happily, true nature. She prepared a few dishes for lunch, and bought a bottle for herself and her brother. Beer, I have a drink with peace. She talked about happy things, laughed completely without any scruples, talked refreshingly, very cute and kind, she listened to Anning that I like to eat Dongpo meat, so she did not eat pork, and specially cooked a plate of meat around the table at noon. Eat delicious and warm meals, look at the peaceful and happy family, the inner questions, as if suddenly have the answer. In the afternoon, when I went to the gym with peace, I took a three-hair book and she taught yoga in the room <a href="">Marlboro Red 100 Carton</a>. I sat in the gym to read a book, then ran, sweating and riding a bicycle. When the music rang, the rhythm was high and low. The people around them ride bicycles at the rhythm. Listening to the slow shakes and DJs that I used to listen to in the past, my heart suddenly became very quiet. There was only the rhythm of music in my heart, only the current movement. A drop of sweat flowed out of the pores, slowly merged, and then melted into one whole process. My clothes were all soaked, but my heart seemed to be back. I still have to go to Lingyin Temple because of some obsessions in my heart. After breakfast, I, Anning and my brother went out. In the end, it was too much trouble to change to the bus. After I took a bus, I called a taxi to Lingyin Temple, which was almost noon. So, after lunch at the small restaurant next to it, I went into the mountains. Climbing the Feilai Peak, the blue sky in the gap of the first line of the sky, met a statue of a statue of the bas-relief, the carvings are very meticulous and meticulous. Walking slowly along the mountain road, silently through the heart, and meditating in the mountains in front of the Buddha. In the summer, there are many mosquitoes in the mountains. When I am ready to enter the temple, Anning and my brother have been smashed a lot of big bags. I don't seem to be welcome by mosquitoes. Even though I was dressed thinly, I was safe and uncomfortable when I bought a summer drink at the canteen. Because I forgot to bring anti-mosquito products, I could only buy a small bottle of Fengyou. When I smeared it, I found out that my brother??s calf was almost kissed by mosquitoes, and the legs of the tranquility were bitten red. Several big brothers were bitten by the big mosquitoes in the mountains, and they hurriedly watched several temples. I would not like to go again. I and Anning bought a ticket to Lingyin Temple, entered the monastery, burned three pillars of incense, and then worshipped the four sides. In the Daxiong Hall, the Heavenly King Hall and the Pharmacist Hall, we did not say a word, silently bowing again and again, and there was no praying on the futon. I looked up and looked at the Buddha quietly and sat there for a long time. When I got up and left, I looked back at the Buddha??s low eyelids, then turned to look at the sky. The sky was already blue and walked in the temple. I and Anning stopped talking, and followed each other??s footsteps. It is also as silent as the Buddha finally walked to the Jigong Temple. When I was a child, I grew up watching the Jigong story. I really liked the descendants of this wine and meat monk. A tattered hat, a rough fan, a pair of shoes that leaked toes. Just walking in the world, the people who want to cross, the world of Ji Jiji, a few mouthfuls of meat, live free and easy to the real practice, must be in their hearts, not in the table too much pursuit of appearance, the heart will be lost Say good abstinence, meet the right person, just break the peace and go to class, the 
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