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    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2019
    After finishing the handover work and bidding farewell to the photographers and designers, I left the company deep in the heart of the company for a long time of entanglement and confusion. When I walked out of the company door, I finally stopped the battle. I pressed the elevator and walked out of the office. In the building, the hot sun in the summer hit the face, the sky was blue and the sorrow was sad. I sent a message to a few good friends to leave. After they were surprised, the most concern was not the reason for my resignation <a href="">Marlboro Lights Online</a>, but asked me to One step to go to the city, the swallow wants me to go back to Guangzhou to accompany her. Although the temptation of the intestines and preserved egg porridge is very big, it takes only two or three hours to get close to my favorite sea. However, I still don't want to go back to peace and north and north in Hangzhou. When Anning learned that I left, she asked me what I was going to do next. I said that I want to distract my heart. She added that she wants to come to Hangzhou. I said, better than that, the next day, I fixed the ticket for Hangzhou. In the car, I sent a letter to North and North, saying, I am coming to Hangzhou. I have to take time to see you. I seem to have made various plans after resigning. I will go to Tibet for a few months, or go to Xinjiang to see my cousin, or go. I stayed in any temple in Hangzhou for a month or two. When I have an answer to my inner question, I will return to a certain city. When I continue to live from the train station, Anning has arrived at the station five minutes earlier. When I saw me, she rushed over my shoulder and smiled brightly, telling the joy of the heart. Then take the subway and head toward the West Lake. Although the two people have never seen each other before, they have no strange feelings. It seems to have been familiar with them for many years. From the network to the reality, it is just another way. At the end of
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2019