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    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2019
    Once a teenager is no longer young, and all day long with the mobile phone, a lot of old. When I was holding my mobile phone, I was always bored and infiltrated. I accidentally flipped through my QQ??s used avatar. I turned to the bottom and couldn??t help but smile. The past non-mainstream era is no longer in the past. The scene of Liu Hai from time to time is a true portrayal of our non-mainstream life. I like to be bored in the quilt at night with a button machine and chat with the friends of thousands of miles. From time to time, I sighed and sighed, and immediately fell into it. This is the unique rhythm of life in our time. For a long time, I am afraid that everyone is doing a piece of online dating. It??s just that the various photos come and go and then they are sent out, and then the two feel good enough to start a relationship. I have not fallen behind, and I don't remember how to end this online dating. Probably in high school, life has become more abundant, and more and more people have met, and then I have to leave my girlfriend behind. The kind of online love that only relies on chat, and the phone is not dare to fight. It is like dust. When the wind comes, there is no trace. It is a very nostalgic person. It will always sort out past things from time to time. Every time the finishing is always a surprise, every thing is turned out, I will recall the story about it, always laugh. Sometimes when I think of it, I send a text message or a phone call to someone who tells the story []Carton Of Newports Price[/url]. I really can't think of this thing []Newport Cigarettes Carton Price[/url]. What is especially deep is the wind chime. I have been swaying all the time in the bed, and the wind has come over for a few years. The wind is still blowing out the familiar and melodious humming sound. I like it very much. There is a note on it, one is her name and her phone number. This is the first time I have received such a valuable gift, and I don??t know what the girl in the far-reaching Shigawa is now. Wipe off the dust on the paper, pick up the phone and dial the quiet number, and don't know if there is any echo. "Hey! Hello, who?" Her voice was not as tender as it used to be, and the voice on the phone was much more charming than the voice of her voice. "Sorry, I made a mistake." I was a bit flustered and felt like I was doing something wrong. Fear of sudden intrusion, disrupting this vast world. Her sudden phone call back made me caught off guard, and I picked it up. I didn't expect her to say my name in a sigh, and I was flattered. I didn't expect her to remember me. We are talking about a lot. It seems that she is saying that I am in the right place. If I don??t have a lot of words, it seems to have a little hasty end of this dialogue. I remember to encourage each other's high school exam title, she also said that I want to go to the north, I said to cheer, then I will celebrate for you, after graduation, go to the long-awaited university. This is my first time to come to Nanchang, and it is the first time I saw her. She should not be like her. In the crowded Xufang Bus Terminal, it is a bit embarrassing to find someone who has never met and is only identified by a thin photo. She dialed her phone again. The last time she received her call, she said that she had passed the test to Shandong University, and she spoke with the excitement and trembling voice. I said that I congratulate you very much. I still like to keep the South. Let me send you a celebration party to the north. This is what I promised. I will see Nanchang. "I am waiting for you under the tea shop next to the station." The tea shop at the station was very conspicuous []Carton Cigarettes[/url], and I saw the tea shop under my eyes and projected my eyes over there. A girl casually plays with her mobile phone, and she looks around from time to time, like waiting for someone. She is not like her. She is a long hair in the photo. She is a delicate short hair. She looks as charming as her voice. Maybe I can imagin