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    When people reach the age of 30, the years are gone, they should have washed away the lead, and they have been retired and scorned []Marlboro Red Cigarettes[/url], but they are fascinated by the darkness. It is a light-eyed view of the complicated ages, and the lines are added to the trajectory of the plain life. mud. Understand that the heights are not cold []Cigarettes Marlboro[/url], you need to have a peaceful atmosphere; know that the world loves small love is not selfless dedication, need to be grateful overweight; the devil who knows desire is from the heart, pure heart and soul. In the solitude, look forward, focus on the aftertaste of the matter []Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes[/url], take the wind and rain for many years, watch the candle sway in the wind, the wax torch is gray, the tears are not only, but the eyes are in the light and shadow of the light. One person alone, nowhere to go, look at a pair of bright eyes, clear foreheads, toast in the intertwined, challenge in a game, what is wrong? The passers-by in the world, rushing to the face of the mountains However, I am afraid that the mountains will stand up and like to hike, but I am worried about the stones that run through the shoes. The road has to go alone, and he has to go and go in the opposite direction. I don??t know when to stop and meet the people I see. The face is not cold, the willow wind, the only one of the willows on the lakeshore is self-satisfied, pity the only one, pity the shadow only, is it a lonely one? Or the Wanliu willows swaying through the spring and autumn, the birds stay, the sand gulls accompany, walk through Year after year, the eagle hits the sky? In the cold wind, on the cliff, the young eagle screams, the female eagle is cold, the struggle is unsuccessful in the struggle for survival, and the pride of life is the cold love. . When I am old, the freedom of the eagle is still a long time, unwilling to go old, not to be humiliated by the years, it will find a deep pool, and once again dive and hit the water three thousand, exhausted until the death. Defend dignity in arrogance and end in struggle. Big love is not growing up in the greenhouse, not because people are sheltering the wind and rain again and again. The eagle, with cold and cold to complete the love of a lifetime is not poor and white, but was born in the mud, digging for a lifetime of twins []Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], holding up the green leaves on the top of the head into a group, dotted with the beauty of flowers, you are secretly obscured. Is self-esteem poor? No, because I love you, I would like to say that you are in the dark, even in the days when there is no sunshine, often say that you don??t thank you, 30 years old, no more words. There is a heartless mind that forgets the youth, and for a long time, the dreams are all alone. Everyone is vying for the red dust, and there is no gentle self-respect of the breeze, only the trample of Vino, who is always bowing his head, and fulfilling himself in Vino, who is in a good time. One of the people, who can see the mountains again and the water, and love, but not in the low-end Vino buried the true good but the red dust, alone in the forest, ask yourself, you can still have a life Do you care about the personnel? It is a human debt that you don??t know yet. It??s the grace of your parents who have already had a white hair and a sullen eye. A life of poverty, you can do a dimly faint life, and also become a comfortable state of the lake. In the lone line []Newport Cigarette[/url], the unscrupulous hypocide coat was unloaded, diligently stained with dirt, and the child was poor and fascinated.
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