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    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2019

    Raymond mill is widely used in ore production line. The maintenance of Raymond mill should be done by every enterprise user, and it must be done well, because the service life of Raymond mill and its operation efficiency are related to whether the maintenance of Raymond mill is in place. The following is a detailed description of one of the maintenance work, that is, the lubrication maintenance of Raymond mill.

    As we all know, whether the Raymond mill can run smoothly or not, the running bearing on the body plays a key role. If the lubricity of the bearing is not good enough, it will inevitably cause great friction between the bearing and other parts, and then damage the parts. Therefore, in order to avoid this phenomenon and ensure the smooth operation of Raymond mill, it is necessary for enterprise users to do a good job of lubrication and maintenance of the equipment. What are the specific lubrication methods?

    1. Manual lubrication, that is, workers need to regularly add lubricant for each running bearing of Raymond mill, and regularly replace the lubricant as a whole, in order to prevent the deterioration of the lubricant, the staff need to pay attention to the need to add lubricant when the amount must be well grasped, can not add too much, in order to avoid waste, can not add too little, In order to avoid affecting the lubricity of bearings.

    2. Use oil pool splash lubrication. That is to say, the pinion of Raymond mill is immersed in the oil pool, and then the lubricant is lubricated to the big gear by the rotation of the pinion. This kind of lubrication is very commonly used by many enterprise users at present, because this kind of lubrication maintenance not only saves time and effort, but also can control the amount of lubricant added well.