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    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2018

    Nowadays, the concept of green mine has become the trend of industry development. Faced with the new development of mine market, through market research, a new generation of efficient environmental protection sand making machine has been built. The structure of crushing chamber has been optimized, and the crushing forms of "stone crushing" and "stone crushing" have been allocated. The structure of "stone crushing" lining and "stone crushing" counterattack block has been specially designed according to the working status of the equipment. Special design can improve the crushing efficiency of equipment.

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the construction industry, the market demand for building materials has increased dramatically, and the quality requirements have become increasingly high. Because of its good hardness and stable chemical properties, sandstone is called high-quality building materials. However, natural sandstone is gradually replaced by machine-made sand, which has become an important raw material in the current sandstone aggregate market due to the prohibition of mining and the repeated outbreak of environmental protection.

    From the raw material point of view, machine-made sand has a variety of mineral components to choose; in terms of quality, it has a high surface energy and hydrophilicity, and has a complete mix; the mechanized production mode ensures the quality stability and controllability of machine-made sand products. In addition, the production technology of machine-made sand has become mature, and has formed a systematic and large-scale, and the performance of machine-made sand can fully guarantee the production requirements of concrete and meet the safety standards. It has become the mainstream of social development. It not only solves the demand of building materials market, but also plays a certain role in the protection of natural environment.

    In short, machine-made sand is a kind of raw material which is screened by crushing equipment, so the selection of crushing equipment should be very strict. As an enterprise with more than 20 years'experience in research and development and production of crushing equipment, the high-efficiency sand-making machine introduced can be increased by about 40% compared with traditional sand-making machine. It runs stably, and the granular shape of sand and stone products is more cubic, needle-like materials and stone powder content are less, and it can be directly used in the current capital construction sand industry without extra treatment.