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    In addition to emerald green, there is also a violet, full-color (also known as spring), reddish-brown, blue-gray, blue-blue, light yellow and black, Burmese jade white A variety of colors. The green of jade is the most concerned issue of jade researchers today.It is one of the main conditions affecting the price of the finger. The color of jade is the most important thingThe measure, which can account for 30% to 70% of the valuation. From dark green to white, the color changes dramatically. The soul of the jade color is green, some are like spring grass, some are like soft onion; some are green and fresh, evenly dyed; some are green and deep, like emeralds, are made of precious jade, jade The best raw materials for decoration. With five characteristics of "concentration, yang, positive, pretty, and", the green and green are ideal and the green is superior. Therefore, green in the color of jade is the most commercially valuable color. The emerald nature of jade is determined by the thickness of the grain. The particles are small, and it is difficult to see under the naked eye and the magnifying glass. jade pendants It is commonly known as “meat” and “old”. It is a high-grade product; the particles are large, commonly known as “meat” and “species fee”.