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    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2018

    Cosmetic bags do you usually use? The so-called makeup, is makeup and dressing, very close, it is also an important reason for some luxury goods to launch cosmetic bags, and has been given a new definition, can be makeup anytime, anywhere, many big beauty love it bag Although the focus is on functionality, the effect is the same! For example, these two luxury cosmetic bags, Louis Vuitton's distinctive Monogram flower texture, Chanel's unique caviar style, both are square and look, all have the unique fashion charm of the brand, stupid The shape matching effect is quite special, will you choose Replica Chanel Handbags or Replica Louis Vuitton Bags?

    Louis Vuitton's special Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag reveals a few European and American vintage styles. It can be worn with shoulder straps, square shape, corner treatment for rounded effect, zipper flap design, large area Monogram The old flower texture, the corners and the bottom of the bag are complemented by Louis Vuitton's special color-changing cowhide, and the red side oil treatment, the Louis Vuitton's exquisite craftsmanship and perfect details.

    The main functional Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag, the inner design is the focus, the flat lining can be leather texture, designed with a fixed cosmetic makeup tool position, the mouth cover is also designed with a mirror, make-up makeup outside, let you always It's beautiful everywhere.

    Chanel's cosmetic bag, the same square shape, this design is definitely for practicality, you can carry it with the shoulder strap, the whole package is made of caviar cowhide, even the chane double C buckle is also re- The Fake Designer Chanel Handbags looks a lot bigger, the luster is shiny and attractive, it looks like the high-end grade, and the texture is very individual.

    The lining of the goatskin is designed to be spacious and rich in space. There are fixed cosmetics and make-up tools, as well as a zipper layer and a mirror for makeup. It looks very intimate, so you can fall in love with beauty!