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    This includes Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, and my favorite Asuka Langley
    Sohryu. I'm a Evangelion fan and that is par for RuneScape gold the course, although it's a
    plot point that easily fits any turn of the anime, so it makes absolutely no
    sense. Rei, Shinji, and Asuka are translated in the MapleStory world, with on a
    cunning Chibi facade that's especially cute when employed with their Eva units.
    Characterization is believable.

    Shinji is bothersome, Asuka is my personal pick of those three, and since
    fans of the series might remember, Rei is just as ambiguous and lost. It's a
    little bit of taste but giving these pixelated folks some believable dialogue is
    a particularly endearing touch for those of us waiting for the next
    impact.Players should also discover a whole plethora of new quests and daily
    activities to help get these stranded Eva pilots familiar with their new

    These range from Eva unit fixes that are generic to jobs more suited to every
    pilot, and did I mention that the Angel strikes?Angels have been humanities
    enemies in the Evangelion universe. These seemingly indestructible entities
    stride across the horizon, black monsters obliterating everything that stands
    against them, and some have slipped with all the Eva team. Every hour, Angel
    strikes take place. These advisories have to be repelled by MapleStory's
    citizens while the Eva units are being repaired.

    Active players will be able to replicate these quests multiple times, earning
    a sizeable cache of Eva coins. These coins can be exchanged for a multitude of
    rewards that were glistening. A variety of Rei, Shinji, and Asuka skins are all
    offered for your avatar. Chairs based on an iconic Evangelion scene involving
    Shinji and Kaworu along with the Eva units will also be accessible, together
    with Eva androids and hairstyles.