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    Back in Maplestory, I felt as though I'd discovered  poe trade a friends group who
    respected me, even if we did not always agree. Sharing an unpopular or fresh
    opinion would mark me as a goal for ostracization.AMy Maplestory buddies, far
    from perfect, was like every normal group of friends. For years, those online
    friends were there for me when I had no one , but finally, that changed.In
    Maplestory, I found a best friend, a Canadian girl who was a few years older
    than me.

    She listened to me once I got made me laugh once I was on the verge of tears
    and stressed out. After years of conversations and hours spent trotting around
    town mounts, she met an elderly boyfriend from Florida in Maplestory. Following
    that, she began to snub me. The new man encouraged her to dismiss me; he'd mock
    me repeatedly accuse me of being a lesbian since I had been attached to her.

    She was my first friend, and that I had never lost someone significant to me.
    I realized that I did not want to waste my time with a person who wanted to date
    an bozo who enjoyed mocking little girls.One dayI logged in to see that all my
    accounts was completely wiped--no cash, weapons, or clothes. Straight away, I
    guessed my former friend, who had popped up out of the blue a couple of weeks
    before to request help hacking someone else (I'd refused).

    I also realized, in shame, she knew my password from back when we were
    friends. I had not even thought to change it. It'd never occured to me she would
    do something so cruel.I felt unhappy. Not only had I lost my very best friend I
    had also lost everything I had worked so hard to make in this game. My other
    Maplestory buddies offered to help me get back at her and her boyfriend (who I
    also suspected as a co-conspirator).

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