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    rs3 gold

    Have you ever found yourself scratching your head and trying to understand the rabid devotion that has grown up around RuneScape? It seems that you either get it or you don’t, and if you’ve been ignoring the game until now, its fans are more than happy to tell you what you’re missing.

    In an interesting expose on the RuneScape phenomenon, Eurogamer took to this past September’ss well as interviewed several players and streamers to see what was the appeal of tO they grew up playing. “This is going to sound ridiculous and cheesy and a little bit cringe,” said one gamer, “but there’s just something that’s really comforting to me because I played it so much in my childhood.”

    Nostalgia or no, the community feels that the game is “thriving” and constantly delivering new content. One streamer, Adam Lyne, has specialized in broadcasting Old School RuneScape, raising thousands for charity, and supporting otheaming careers.on 4mmog website is a easy way to play RuneScape.

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