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    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2018
    Taikonaut Jing Haipeng shows a suit specially designed for
    cardiovascular research in gravity-free environment in the space lab
    Tiangong-2 [url=]Adnan
    Januzaj Belgie Shirt[/url] , Oct. 26, 2016. (Xinhua) Taikonaut Jing Haipeng
    wears a suit specially designed for cardiovascular research in gravity-free
    environment in the space lab Tiangong-2, Oct. 26, 2016. (Xinhua)

    By Xinhua special correspondent Jing Haipeng

    ABOARD TIANGONG-2? Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- Today is Oct. 26? the eighth day after
    Shenzhou-11 docked with Tiangong-2. I am Xinhua space correspondent Jing
    Haipeng. Hello everyone? we meet again.

    Our work schedule is very full? so I fall asleep as soon as I close my eyes
    at night. I sleep six hours per day on average and feel quite rested. I feel in
    pretty good physical condition and am confident in our work and mission. Please
    rest assured.

    I saw the birthday greetings sent to me by the children the day before
    yesterday. I especially liked the video clip of children from home and abroad
    and your brilliant paintings! I was quite touched. As a matter of fact? they are
    not only greetings to me but also to Shenzhou-11 as well as China's manned space

    Uncle Haipeng thanks you for your concerns and greetings.

    I wish all children in the world can grow up healthy and happy! I also wish
    children can have great ambitions from a young age - to become people who dare
    to dream? have the courage to chase their dreams and work hard to make their
    dreams true. I hope you can contribute your wisdom and talent to your country.
    Together we will make the greatest contribution to the realization of the
    Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

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