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    I have a lot of experience with Color Viscosity Intaglio using Hanco Oil-Based Offset Inks and using Raw Linseed Oil to reduce the tack; now I want to switch to Inks like Caligo Safe Wash, Charbonnel Aqua-Wash, Graphic Chemical Water Cleanup, or maybe Akua Etching Inks. For those not familiar with this type of printing, it combines intaglio style plates like open-bite etching or collograph plus relief rolls after the plate is initially wiped----the result is one plate which carries multiple colors. I am looking for artists who have experimented with how any of these inks may have interacted with each other on the same plate, with no additives. While I will have to do my own experiments, would like to set up a dialog with other artists who are interested in the interaction of different inks. 

    For more details:

    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2018