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    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2018

    BEIJING nike cortez
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     , April 3 (Xinhua) -- China has 649 million Internet
    users, but very few will buy urns or funeral shrouds online.

    Most Chinese buy funeral supplies at small stores near hospitals, which have
    a limited range of products and very high prices. Sometimes, if customers ask
    for a discount, they are humiliated as "unfilial" by storeowners.

    Xu Yi saw an opportunity here. The slightly overweight e-commerce
    entrepreneur believed the Internet could help people arrange funerals with
    little hassle.

    In 2013, Xu Yi, 40 nike cortez
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     , and partner Wang Dan, 32, started an online
    company to provide funeral services at fixed prices. Customers could buy funeral
    supplies on their website, as well as customize memorials, hearses and wakes.

    The two founders understood the dark side of the industry through personal
    experience. In 2012, Xu bought a wooden urn worth thousands of yuan after a
    relative died. But he found he had been cheated as the inside was made of scrap
    iron. The same year, Wang Dan' s mother was critically ill in
    hospital nike cortez
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     , where he witnessed two nursing workers
    fighting over the kickbacks instead of caring for their patients. During a
    year-long investigation in Beijing, they found almost every link in the funeral
    chain - hospital morgues, funerary stores, ambulances, funeral parlors and
    graveyards - operated in cartels with windfall profits.

    An absence of regulation resulted in market chaos. According to some reports,
    a shroud can sell for up to 20 times the ex-factory price. Mortuaries at
    hospitals in northwest China's Shaanxi Province have charged a whopping 5,000
    yuan per night; an official report nike cortez
    white australia
     , jointly published on March 25 by the Ministry of
    Civil Affairs and the Social Sciences Academic Press, said 92 percent of Beijing
    citizens think public cemeteries are expensive.

    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2018