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    Hi all,

    I'm interested in painting some (non-collectible) guitars with the sort of psychedelic artwork that we used to see in the 60's - you know, the "Barrett-Clapton-etc" sort of abstract designs. THe problem is, I'm in the dark here on how to prepare the surfaces, what sort of paints to use, etc to achieve a really nice, satin-y finish. So far I've experimented using gesso (sort of liquid clay mixture used on canvases) and the Tester-type paints we used to use on model kits as kids. I apply paint, use ultrafine sandpaper (autobody grade) to smooth, apply more paint, etc. Results? So-so. Not terrible, not stellar. Do the surfaces need to be 'de-glossed' first? Use a different primer? What about sealing with some kind of glossy clear coat?

    Can anyone (Andy? Max!?) offer some guidance? Given that Leo Fender used autobody paints back in the day, should I look at how the fancy hot-rod painters do their magic? Should I invest in an airbrush rig? Give up and watch YT vids? ANy help much appreciated!

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