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    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2017
    When players and coaches are in the moment, admitting reality in public can be difficult.

    But behind closed doors, it s pretty simple.

    And after watching Michigan s offensive performance Saturday during a
    14 10 loss to Michigan State, some familiar – and not so friendly –
    memories began to resurface.

    To be quite honest, offensively, it kind of reminds me of when I
    was playing, said Miller, who played his final season at Michigan in
    2014 – Brady Hoke s last year as head coach and worst offensive season
    overall. It 
    was just consistently across the board someone screwing up, someone
    else getting it right, another guy at fault. It s not one simple answer.

    They re still trying to figure out who they are. I think we saw why
    Wilton was named the starter. Jim Harbaugh wasn t just picking
    favorites. Either way, they have to pick themselves up now. It s a young
    team and it showed.

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    Offense trying to clean up mess as collective unit

    So, you find out what you re doing well, then you focus on that and
    become experts at that. Once you get a rhythm there, then maybe you
    open things up. Instead of, and this is just an observation, you go five
    wide and empty and then bring in multiple tight ends and tailbacks. It s
    sort of all across the board and I like being multiple Jon Runyan Jersey, but when nothing s clicking, you have to simplify first and then think about the rest after.

    Harbaugh s offenses have had foundations in the past. Generally, it s
    the power run game – though not always. There are years when the
    identity appears immediately 2016 and there are years where it takes six
    weeks 2015 .

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    When players watch tape with coaches and their peers in a film room,
    there s no hiding. A guy either does his job or he doesn t. There s no
    sense making excuses internally or sugar coating anything.

    When you ve been humbled the way Michigan was Saturday night, the
    only option is to take your medicine, tell the truth to yourself and
    your teammates and try to improve together. When truth telling turns
    into finger pointing, there s no turning back.

    Win or lose, and it s certainly worse in a loss, but there s a
    reason why everyone s had a feeling that they ve under performed. And, I
    mean, if we have it – trust me – they have it, too, Miller says. You
    have no choice in that room , it s very,
    very honest with what you see on film. And they can say whatever they
    want in public, but I promise you they knew inside it wasn t good enough
    on offense even before the Michigan State loss.

    So now it s more important. Be honest with yourself. WithCoach
    Harbaugh, that s something you ll always get. He s fair and honest with
    guys and that ll continue. They ll face the music like they do every

    Half the locker room – and I m not saying they think this way – but
    reality is, half your locker room is doing its part and the other half
    is falling short,
    Miller notes. So here comes a test. A real test of good leadership and a
    good team. Can you rally together and move forward? Yeah, I believe
    they re under performing, but there s also a chance this offense just
    isn t as good as it has been in years past. Now you have a quarterback
    hurt and other factors.

    So, now, it s on the leaders in the locker room to blow all the outside stuff out and say how do we beat Indiana?
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