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    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2017
    So I have an unusual setup where I use a mouse with my right hand and a controller with my left hand. I have recently posted bug reports related to this setup and chat:
    and relating to this setup and Hanzo:

    I'm linking those two issues because i think they may be caused by the same mechanism as the mercy issues I will describe, however in the case of the mercy issues Its not as clear what is the exact cause. 

    So with Mercy when using this setup, there are sometimes issues when using her Caduceus Staff. I will henceforth refer to the primary and secondary fire on her staff as healing beam and damage beam respectively. Sometimes after activating either healing beam or damage beam I will be unable to activate the other until first deactivating the currently used beam. 

    Example Scenario: I activate healing beam on a teammate, then want to switch to damage beam. Healing beam is bound to left mouse click, damage beam is bound to left bumper.

    Expected behavior: I hit left-mouse-click and Healing beam activates. I then hit left bumper and it switches to damage beam.

    Actual experienced behavior: I hit left-mouse-click and healing beam activates. I then hit left bumper, but healing beam remains active.

    Unlike the other two posts I linked, this one seems rather inconsistent. It happens quite frequently but is inconsistent. Sometimes I get the expected behavior, other times I do not. I think this bug may be caused by the same mechanism as the other two posts however.
    Note that this bug occurs while switching from either beam to the other beam and is not exclusive to switching from healing beam to damage beam.
    Please Help !
    Thanks !
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