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    Paulini this summer after Barcelona buyout after
    the Nou Camp, but the red and blue army fans are not particularly optimistic
    about the future of Paulinho. But the Brazilian midfielder said in an interview:
    "joining Barcelona is to play the main."

    "I have now become the headlines of the
    media.When joining Barca, the teammates here are very good to me, we have to
    continue to strive to win, in addition to winning all do not consider. I
    respect everyone here,
    fifa 18 coins the future I want to be successful and must start by
    getting a starting position. "

    Talking about the transfer of Nei Maer, Paulini
    said, "This is football, is Nei Maer decided to leave, he is a good
    player, the team can play an important role in our team also have A lot of good
    players, since somebody has gone, we have to look forward.

    Finally, Paulino bluntly, his goal in Barcelona
    is to help Messi to become the world's first, "Messi is the world's best
    player, his ability to make people feel surprised,
    fifa coins I will go to meet Messi's
    play. One of my goals is to make him the best player in the world and let Messi
    lead Barcelona to win.