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    Serie A AC Milan club officially announced that the team and goalkeeper Dona Rama contract, the contract ended to 2021. According to the previous Italian media broke the news, Donaluma after the annual salary of up to 600 million euros. At this point, the Italian god of the renewal of the storm finally painted a full stop.
    Last month, AC Milan had specifically held a press conference, announced by the CEO Fassault Dona Rama and the club will not renew. According to the report, Donarama annual salary of 4.5 million euros + bonus conditions, both sides have accepted, but in the new contract terms, the two sides have differences. Rajola's opinion is that the new contract must be added to the additional terms: If Milan did not enter the Champions League next season, Donarama can be 10 million euros to leave low. But such a clause is that Fasos and Mirabelli are unacceptable in any case. Eventually, the contract negotiations broke down.
    Subsequently, AC Milan coach Montera and his father visited the parents of Donaluma, hoping to communicate with his family to persuade Donaluma to stay, after the end of the European Youth Championship, fifa 17 coins the two sides conducted a decisive negotiation. July 6, Donarama brokers Raiola's brother Enzo - La Ola also came to the headquarters of the Milan home with the Faso and Mirabei Li talks, Donarum's family also Participated in the meeting, and finally finalized the terms of the renewal.
    In order to retain the promising goalkeeper, Milan will also his brother Antonio - Dona Roma from the Greek Super League Astoria to buy back to the team, let him and his brother as a teammate last season, Antonio - Dona Roma played for Astra 21 times.
    18-year-old Donaru immediately on behalf of the AC Milan tournament played 41 games, of which 12 zero closed opponents. Last season, Dona Rama in Serie A successfully saved 147 times, ranking first in the league, and his success rate of salvation reached 78%.fifa coins

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