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    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2015

    Bee disease confirmed

    A case of American Foulbrood (AFB), a
    disease affecting colonies of honeybees, has been found in an apiary
    near Turriff in the Aberdeenshire area.

    The disease was confirmed
    today following laboratory diagnosis by Science and Advice for Scottish
    Agriculture (SASA). Outbreaks of AFB north face red jacket size 8 have previously been reported and dealt with in this area over recent years.

    AFB infected hive has been destroyed as there is no permitted treatment
    for the disease in the UK. There are no risks to public health from AFB
    and no implications for the quality and safety of honey. The movement
    of bees and related equipment into or out of the affected apiary are
    under specific controls.

    Beekeepers in the Turriff area are asked
    to be vigilant for signs of the disease particularly if they had
    recently been sharing an apiary. The bees affected had recently been
    foraging on oil seed rape in an apiary which was shared by several other

    American Foulbrood is a notifiable disease of
    honeybees which is caused by a spore forming bacterium called
    Paenibacillus larvae. This bacterium forms spores when subjected to
    stress (such as lack of nutrients); it is these spores that actually
    cause and are the source of the disease. Spores  north face kids jackets enter the larva through feeding of contaminated food. The bacteria kill the bee larva by North Face Clearance Sale
    completely consuming the body tissues. The spores are highly resistant
    to extremes of temperature, chemical attack and other adverse conditions
    that kill most bacteria and remain viable for many years. Indeed, their
    purpose is to allow the bacterium to survive harsh conditions, and once
    the hardship has passed, for example when nutrients become available
    again, the bacterium will germinate and reproduce. The cycle will repeat
    if hardship occurs again. This means that it is difficult to eliminate
    the spores from colonies. AFB kills off bee larva, is highly contagious
    and difficult to eradicate. Unlike European Foulbrood (EFB) hives with
    AFB cannot be treated and must be destroyed as there is no permitted
    treatment for the disease in the UK.

    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2017