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    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2015

    Real Madrid has a remarkable performance in this summer transfer
    market after bringing in James Rodriguez, Toni Kroos and Jesus Navas.
    The costs is certainly high but with the success of UEFA fifa 16 android coins
    Super Cup a few days ago with 2-0 score against Sevilla, people seems
    to have confidence in this luxurious club which has about 500 million
    Euro starting players. According to the survey of Marca, about 65.4%
    football fans believe that this is the most powerful team ever in Real
    Madrid. Here are the seven reasons it gives to us.
    1. Luxurious staring players
    the UEFA Super Cup, the staring players of Real Madrid seem to be
    fixed. With Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Gareth Bale as well as
    Kroos and Luka Modric in the midfield, the staring players of Real
    Madrid worth 440 million Euro, really surpring!
    2. Great bench fifa 16 ultimate coins players
    players are also a important part to win a new season as we need them
    to ensure the success. Bench players in Real Madrid are also shinning,
    players such as Rapha?l Varane, Abel Figueroa – Alvaro and Isco are also
    great and they can be an important part in the field when needed.
    3. Toni Kroos become a new midfield hardcore
    all know that Toni Kroos is a great football player, but we didn’t know
    that he can blend into Real Madrid in such a short time. And his
    performance in UEFA Super Cup makes him the midfield king of Real
    4. Good goalkeeper
    Jesus Navas performs really great to
    help Costa Rica push the game in FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil. And if you
    have watched the UEFA Super Cup, you will know Casillas is also a
    world-class goalkeeper.
    5. Solid defence
    Unlike before, Real
    Madrid now have a solid defence, with the extraordinary abilities of
    Ramos and Pepe as well as Daniel Carvajal and Coentrao to enforce the
    defence, Real Madrid now have a great defence line.
    6. Stable players
    season, Real Madrid have completed the important contacts ahead, though
    Angel Fabián di María and Sami Khedira left the club for some reasons,
    the replacement players are able and available. The UEFA fifa 16 ultimate team coins Super Cup also offers a chance to let the club have a good practice for later game.
    7. The BBC is still there
    means Bale, Benzema and C Ronaldo. We all know James Rodriguez is
    great, but BBC is still the sharp weapon for European Seasons. In UEFA
    Super Cup, Bale assist C Ronaldo to shoot the first goal and Benzema
    helps Ronaldo to complete the second goal, we can tell that their
    performance and cooperation are still there.
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