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    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2015
    The Nike Air Max Thea proved to be quite the surprise package for the ladies last year with the lightweight 'new meets old' sneak releasing in a gang of cool colourways. Leveraging of the 2013 success we can expect more members to enter the family in the one four including this Glacier Ice edition. The Hyperfused mesh silhouette looks real nice in ice block blue with a little light grey and purple adding some grape flavour to the mix.The Nike Air Max Thea has proven to be a hit on the streets over the past year, and now with the summer months approaching in the Northern Hemisphere we are sure to see more editions of the super low-cut sneak. Here the women's model flaunts a spread of textiles mashed up into one tasty treat with the metallic silver, glacier ice, dark grey and orange colour combo forming the icing on the cake. Dudes, unless you are blessed with petite feet peeping these pics is the closest experience you're going to get to having these on foot.Showing some sister love to the Roshe Run Halftone Print Pack, Nike have worked up an Air Max Thea with the same halftone colour treatment. Light base grey, cool grey and glacier ice do a polka dot dance over the majority of the upper paneling, with a split-colour ice and white midsole chilling to the Max beneath. Valentine's Day present for that special someone, perhaps? The Air Max Thea is one of those rare times the girls won out in the sneak world. For eons they've missed out on shoes because the men's biz is just too big, but Nike done made an Air Max that we wish we could glide along free and easy in. Admittedly, this colourway of the Thea would demand a bit of boldness of personal fruity style to pull off on a dude, but even a blind man can appreciate that game royal and pink glow combo.The Nike Air Thea, that cosy low-cut sneak that looks super fresh in a stack of colourways and inspires plenty of jealousy from big footed folk, gets a zesty drenching here. Covered in a super happy fun time orange treatment with bright magenta accents and slapped on a white sole, it's tight and it's all right.