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    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2015

    Real Madrid vice-chairman Eduardo - Fernandez - De Las suspected in
    Madrid attending a local activity accidentally let slip, according to
    him, is the new coach of Real Madrid rumors of Spain Benitez marshal.

    Madrid vice-chairman De las 10 in the day to attend an anniversary
    Madrid fans will be revealed in the new season to replace Carlo
    Ancelotti became coach of Galacticos new term candidate precisely

    "Ancelotti is a phenomenal coach, I personally gentleman also has deep fifa 16 ios coins feelings, and I also believe that everyone at Real Madrid and I share the same opinion."

    three days ago, Ancelotti was in my mind the best football coach, the
    same as two years ago, Jose Mourinho. And from next week, Benitez will
    be like a Bit fifa 16 android coins
    coach. "I do not know the Real Madrid vice-chairman was not intentional,
    but the meaning of his words has been very clear that Benitez will
    officially take office next week to become the new coach of Real Madrid.

    to previous news, Real Madrid will hold a press conference next
    Wednesday to Benitez, the Spanish marshal will be officially unveiled to
    the Bernabeu, and becomes the new Galacticos captain of this fifa 16 ultimate coins.

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    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2018