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    Pinhole glasses are regular glasses except for one small
    part: the part were you see through Greivis
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    , which is covered by a series of
    pinhole fixed perforations filling a plastic sheet where normally the lens would
    be. Almost the same way a pinhole camera would work.

    How It

    Each pinhole allows only a narrow stream of light to enter the eye
    which brings down the size of the retina and increases the depth of field. If
    you have an eye sight with refractive image errors much like ghost images that
    makes it hard to see people, using pinhole glasses will give you a clear image,
    while prescription glasses will give you a distorted effect around the edges
    often called a "pincushion distortion", where an image is magnified at a
    distance making the images look like they are bent inward. Pinhole glasses are
    useful to anyone with nearsightedness or farsightedness. Pinhole glasses also
    reduce the brightness which affects your vision that happen outside of your gaze
    like peripheral vision. So it makes for a really bad idea if you want to drive
    or do anything that involves heavy machinery.

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