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    have all felt it Jason
    Verrett Womens Jersey
     , seen it and lived inner and outer conflict.
    Everywhere we see conflict in the world between peoples, ethnic groups,
    religions, and countries, down to conflicts between neighbors, friends, work
    associates and colleagues. Conflict is draining our resources and preventing us
    from solving problems of poverty Keenan
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     , global warm and the environment. At a
    personal level it is giving us sleepless nights, creating enormous stress,
    affecting our physical health and casting a shadow over relationships. Instead
    of creating and enjoying, we are often finding ourselves wrapped up in seemingly
    unsolvable conflict and bad feelings. I have seen the need to deepen our
    understanding and skills in dealing with conflicts. Fortunately, over the past
    decades many people have turned their attention to how to solve the problem of
    conflict. A new field of Conflict studies has arisen. I have been fortunate to
    have been able to study conflict and resolving differences through mediation
    with some of the best people in the field at the Canadian Institute of Conflict
    Resolution, in Ottawa, Canadas national capital.

    One of the key processes in formal conflict resolution is mediation. Its aim
    is to create an effective process for reaching an agreement between parties in
    conflict either on a personal or professional level.

    The role of the mediator is a neutral third party who guides a process of
    dialogue and negotiation as well as establishes an atmosphere of
    respect Eric
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     , support and

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