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    The latter is key: Katharine always found the balance between strength and
    softness. Her trademark white buttondown and slacks ensemble (worn offscreen and
    in her later years) might, on the surface, seem a touch masculine. But the pant
    always had a defined waist, the shirt was always just tailored enough.

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    As grungy as all of this may sound, the grunge look is still
    around but now, it become more of a grunge look. Many top models love this
    'grunge' look, complete with the deep, darkened hollow eyes and the deathly pale
    complexion. Today it screams 'Style'.

    Witchcraft has become an acceptable, almost mainstream spiritual belief in
    the new century but few people know of the equally as developed occult
    discipline of Hermetic Magic. Most of us are familiar with Wicca and the source
    of much modern witchcraft practice is drawn from this lesser known occult study
    that has its origins in the modern evaluation and interpretation of some of the
    world's oldest texts. Hermetic Magic, often called Ceremonial Magic or simply
    Magick, is a pan denominational spiritual discipline that has generated many of
    the commonest sets of symbols that most of us recognize as belonging to
    magicians like Tarot cards, Magic Wands, the use of the Pentagram and even the
    Magic Circle while also having a lasting and often essential influence on
    popular culture that most people are entirely unaware of.

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    First stop is Medusa's lair. They didn't notice that Medusa
    is there until they saw a lot of statues scattered everywhere. Just like how
    Perseus beat Medusa in mythology, Percy uses Medusa's reflection on his phone
    before he cuts off her head with the sword/pen.

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    "It's probably obvious to everybody that we're in the midst of a rather dramatic
    downswing, and it looks like it's going to turn out to be the deepest downswing,
    the most rapid downswing, since the great depression." David Seiders, chief
    economist for the National Association of Home Builders. (Builder Online, Mar.

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