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    As living standards continue to improve, people's demands for wood flooring is also increasingly high, many of the wood flooring manufacturers are constantly innovate wood flooring products, hope to the greatest extent possible to meet consumer demand. The request of the times, anion floor appeared not only enrich people's lives decoration, but also bring convenience to people's lives, today, small as we explain what anion floor is? Anion wooden floor is what works?
    Anion floor, in a nutshell is the release of negative ions on the floor, are trigonal system, it can help optimize air, nursing body. Anion floor are high-tech products, our standard floor, ions flooring in a variety of [url= ]top rated composite wood decking[/url], waterproof, anti-deformation, etc. must be higher than the equivalent conventional wood flooring products, and in environmental protection can not release formaldehyde, and also you need to clear formaldehyde clearance rate needed to reach more than 30% for purifying 50 years time to be reached.
    Anion wooden floor principle is: the surface layer of wood floor attachment substance called negative catalysts with positive and negative electrodes, when the water in the air into the floor surface will form an electric field, and then converted into negative ions, which is attached Cui anion upgrade the floor surface into the electric field may be harmful substances can be decomposed into formaldehyde comparison and other harmful gases carbon dioxide and water, so that the environmental protection of wood flooring, waterproof, anti-deformation characteristics are maximized.
    In summary, the birth of anion wood flooring, [url= ]tile wall panel[/url] help strengthen the properties of abrasion resistance, waterproof, anti-bacteria and other aspects, in particular, played an important role in the environmental aspects of wood flooring. At present, many brands of wood flooring products using anion wooden floors, such as Power Dekor flooring, natural wood floors, which benefit the majority of the wooden floor consumers.