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    Summer, with its loosely structured combination of a new age gathering and a family barbeque

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     Solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring What is the difference

    Solid wood flooring, parquet and Floor Lot Parking Car
    is the more commonly used three wooden floors. Many consumers often buy
    what kind of wood flooring linger, do not know which is more suitable
    for their own wood floor decoration. That solid wood flooring,
    engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring What is the difference?

    1) solid wood flooring: solid wood flooring is produced from the
    bottom to the surface made of a precious wood processing, shop at home,
    nice, on the grade. The price is slightly more expensive and requires
    regular waxing maintenance. Usually wood flooring price of 200 yuan /
    square meters -500 yuan / month, or even a thousand dollars and some
    expensive one square. resistant wpc fence is more suitable for renovation bedroom, study, children, the elderly room.

    2) multi-layer parquet: Multilayer parquet changed the previous
    physical structure, better performance and stability. In terms of price,
    cheaper than solid wood flooring, moderate consumer products. It is
    currently more popular home decoration floor decorative materials for a
    class. Usually 150 yuan / square meters -500 yuan / square meters of
    floor between are pretty good. Suitable for home decoration various

    3) laminate flooring: strengthening biggest feature wood flooring is a
    good wear resistance, is ideal for the living room and other populated
    concentrated occasions, wood flooring varieties cheapest one floor,
    working-class people first floor decorative materials. On the
    installation and maintenance is very simple. It advises consumers not to
    buy 80 yuan / square meters of floor. More suitable for living room
    decoration flow more occasions. Solid wood flooring, engineered wood
    flooring, laminate flooring strengthening difference is that the
    substrate mentioned above, so they among processing, maintenance, prices
    also have a big difference. Consumers in the purchase of Cutting Composite Deck Boards, when the key is to be in accordance with its own decor and economic conditions to decide what to buy wood flooring.

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