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    Cork is a natural resin to small pre grain dry material bonded together. Each is about 10 million cubic meters of softwood along grain each pour pull C02 containing excess air. Cork pull along side the geometry of 14 multi-faceted holiday (6 p9 edge structure and eight hexagonal structure. "Because of this porous structure of [url=]deck swimming pools[/url], and after stress relief can be restored to its original shape.
    1780 began large-scale chess is used as a bottle cork Walled insulating cork tiles come in 1892, 1900 appeared cork flooring, cork for mass production in 1910 cemented cork products. The late 1930s rubber cork composites, the late 1950s, China began production of cork tiles, cork present, cork paper grain production.
    From natural cork material may mattress to four kinds of major construction materials. First, the natural cork is stripped Yan process, flatten, forming a small flat and very small size laminates. Second, the plot summary of cork, since the hot pressing at 350 ? and 300 kPa condition and showed brown-black. This material is mainly used for sound and thermal insulating material while. Third, cork composites, is composed of smaller composition along grazing. In using this material Jing replace natural resin adhesive. The last one is a rubber cork material.
    Cork composites can be seen as Shiraz strong composite materials. Usually in the composite material, enhance the role reflected in the strength of the composites draw on performance. As for the cork composite cork as an increase in processing materials (Shiraz enhancement "can be lifted off the composite functionality.
    <a href="">exterior stone cladding</a>, soldiers with a unique sound-absorbing elastic pity and other functions. Soft plastic composites plant in railway sleeper pad and textile Chau tester is widely used. Building materials cork and stone fen complex formed not only, in the light, and strength from scrap materials cork, leather trim of buildings and other tree trick can also be used in the construction industry.