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    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2013
    Not only we are eating more, but we are also  [url=]2 day diet japan lingzhi slimming formula[/url]  exercising less. Along with the increase in energy intake, there has been a decrease in the amount of energy used in the activities of daily life, whether working or playing. Fewer American adults today work in jobs that require physical labor. People drive to work in automobiles, rather than walking or biking; they take elevators instead of stairs; they use vacuum cleaners rather than brooms; and they cut the lawn with riding rather than push mowers. All of these simple changes reduce the amount of energy expended to perform the tasks of daily living. A typical office  [url=]3x slimming power weight loss[/url]  worker today walks only about 3000 to 5000 steps in their daily activities. In contrast, in the Amish community – where driving automobiles and using electrical appliances and other modern conveniences are not allowed – a typical adult takes 14000 to 18000 steps a day. The overall incidence of obesity in the group is only 4%.


    In addition to less active jobs, busy schedules and long days at work and commuting make people feel they have no time for active recreation. Instead, at the end of the day, Americans sit in front of televisions, electronic games, and computers – all sedentary ways to spend leisure time.

    The reduction in physical activity is not restricted  [url=]abc acai berry pills[/url]  to adults. American children are also less active. Many schools have reduced or even eliminated physical education programs in trying to find more time for academics. Social conditions that have increased crime have forced children to stay inside after school. [url=]lida daidaihua original strong old formula[/url]  In the 1960’s kids spent their after school hours outdoors with bikes, balls and friends. Today they are more likely to spend indoors with video games and computers. The end result is that they burn fewer calories and have more opportunities to consume more, and consequently they gain weight. 

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