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    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2013
    Part of the reason Americas weight more than they did 30 years ago is that they are eating more. Palatable, affordable food is readily available to the majority of the population 24 hours a day in supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, and convenience marts. Looking at the food supply, both the numbers of foods and the portions served have increased since the 1970s. Does having more food available make you eat more? To answer this, think about why you stop for an ice cream cone. It is because you are hungry or because the ice cream looks good? How do you know when to stop eating? Is it when your plate is empty or your stomach is full? Your appetite may be triggered or inhibited by the sight, taste, and smell of food, as well as the time of day, your emotions, and social conventions. It is usually appetite and not hunger that makes us stop for that ice cream cone on the way home, so having more tempting choices available does make you eat more.

    In addition to having more enticing choices available, we consume more calories today because our food portions have increased. Did your mother tell you to clean your plate? Studies of how much people eat have shown that the more that is put in front of us, the more we eat. Therefore, bigger portions mean more calories are consumed. We tend to eat in units, such as one cookie, one sandwich, or one  [url=]p57 hoodia slimming[/url]  bag of chips, regardless of the size of the unit. So, if we are presented with larger units, we still eat the whole thing. One of the best examples of the effect of portion size on actual intake is the serving at fast-food restaurants; the meal of a hamburger and French fries served today is two to five times bigger than it was when fast food first appeared. You probably wouldn’t order an extra hamburger, but [url=]lishou slimming capsules[/url]   you will finish the one you order even if it is twice as big.

    Lifestyle changes that have occurred over the last few decades have also affected how many calories Americans eat. The increasing number of single-parent households and households with two working parents means that the time families have to prepare meals at home  [url=]pai you ji plus tea[/url]  is limited. As a result prepackaged, convenience, and fast food have become mainstays. [url=]magic slim weight reduction capsule[/url]   These foods are typically higher in fat and energy than what you would have prepared at home. 

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