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    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2013
    TV Series- Chase Season 1 Entourage Seasons 1-8 Dexter Season 7 Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Homeland Season 2

     [url=]chase season 1 dvd[/url] Plot: A white-collar fugitive turns violent in an attempt to escape; sparks fly between Annie and a bounty hunter (Eddie Cibrian); Jimmy and Luke start to bond. A U.S. marshal impersonator kills people in a misguided attempt to capture fugitives; Luke gets a surprise visitor who threatens his relationship with the team. [url=]entourage seasons 1-8 dvd[/url] Plot: Vince is feeling insecure about more than just his career when he runs into former flame Justine Chapin at a party. Eric takes two screenwriters, LB and Nick, as clients. Drama continues his romance with Jacqueline. [url=]dexter season 7 dvd[/url] Plot: Dexter is inspired to investigate the Trinity Killer on his own, while Debra blames herself for an event that was out of her control, and Rita realizes how little she knows her husband after discovering one of his secrets. [url=]boardwalk empire season 3 dvd[/url] Plot: Nucky asks Margaret to toe the party line; Angela witnesses Jimmy's violent side; Capone faces a crossroads; Van Alden struggles with his emotions.  Agent Nelson Van Alden visits Nucky; Nucky discusses the upcoming election with his aging mentor; Margaret Schroeder seeks help in providing for her children; a traveling salesman makes a startling discovery. [url=]homeland season 2 dvd[/url] Plot: When the dust settles from an explosion, Saul finds a manic Carrie hospitalized and realizes there may be merit to her wild theories. Meanwhile, with his congressional campaign set to kick off, Brody takes the family on a weekend getaway to Gettysburg, where he obtains an important item.