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    gossip girl season 6 DVD  Blair's mother Eleanor is coming, Blair never thought, her mother put forward a series of let her breathless required! Serena help Dan looking for a new house, but two people get along with the longer time in the past, the good time the miss. They will to each other's feelings yield?  gossip girl seasons 1-6 DVD  Chuck in the help of Ivy found enough to prove his father engaged in illegal activities of the evidence, but in order to get the evidence also need the help of Nate.Moray is already courting the dazzling and wealthy Lady Katherine Glendenning, whose father Moray needs to charm to secure a loan for his store’s expansion. He sets out to impress him with a huge sale to draw people in from far and wide. Katherine is desperate for Moray to propose but, much to her frustration, Moray is committed to his first love – his store. In order to survive Denise is forced to take a job at The Paradise and soon falls in love with its intoxicating surroundings; as well as its dashing and reckless owner, John Moray. Moray’s head is immediately turned by Denise’s beauty and talent.   the paradise season 1 DVD

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